SINCE 1972, we have taken pride in producing the best, purest maple syrup that money can buy. In early spring, as daytime temperatures rise above freezing, we tap several hundred trees and hang buckets. Family and friends gather the sap daily when the weather is favorable and boil it in our traditional wood-fired evaporator, often late into the night.

FOR EACH GALLON of syrup we make, about 50 gallons of water is boiled off as steam. This process is fueled by wood from our sustainably managed forests, not fossil fuels. No flavorings, preservatives, or other chemicals are ever used.

OUR METHODS are a sharp contrast to the large, industrial-scale maple producers who use vacuum pumps to suck the sap out of trees through plastic tubing and produce syrup using reverse osmosis machines and computerized, oil-fired systems. The way we make maple syrup takes more time and labor but the result is worth the effort. 



OUR SYRUP meets the strictest color and density standards, and boasts a superior delicate flavor that reflects both the limestone soils of Mount Equinox and our uncompromising emphasis on quality at all stages of production. We make less than 100 gallons of syrup per year so we can take pride in producing the best maple syrup money can buy.